When I get asked what made me want to pursue photography I always answer “because I want to capture moments in life because we never know when they’ll be gone.”

I know this all too well. When I was 10 years old I lost my little sister and dad to a car accident. We were left with a few family portraits that were done at a cliche photo studio and some not so great shots taken at birthday parties and other special occasions.

It’s never been about making money. It’s always been about giving my sweet clients their memories of life now….

Life goes by quickly. We meet the one we love, get married then have children.  Our children go from snuggling in our arms, to crawling then walking. Before we know it they’re off to the next step in their journey of life. Each step is so precious and filled with such fun memories. Sometimes these little moments can be easily forgotten. Don’t let the memories be forgotten. Let them be captured.

Little moments in my life: