Adkins Family

For this documentary photography session I traveled back to Mississippi – I always enjoy being on site with my clients, wherever they may be! I’ve known Jennifer and her family since I was 14. Jay was the youth pastor at the church I went to at the time. She’s always been interested in photography and we’ve shared a few photographer dates over the years. Jennifer and Jay both have always supported me in following my dream since the very beginning of my business.

It’s amazing to think how quickly times goes by. I still remember when their oldest daughter, Chloe, was only 3 years old, and am stunned to see now what a beautiful woman she has become. What a poignant reminder to capture the moments.

Over the years I’ve been able to watch this precious family continue through their journey of fostering and adopting three of their six kids and see their family grow. For me it is always fun to work with large families. I come from a large family and love seeing the personalities of each. I love capturing the details in their faces both when they know I am taking their picture as well as all those times when they don’t.

They were ready for this session as it had been nearly two years since our last documentary photography session. They were relieved to survive the photos, and even found themselves loving the experience. Initially, Jennifer confessed the idea of family photography sessions were overwhelming to think about with such a large family. But…

After their session was over she told me it was by far the most relaxing and enjoyable session they had ever had. Obviously with so many kids that’s quite the accomplishment. There were no meltdowns, and the smiles continued even afterwards.

Of course, this was partly a result of my photographer expertise working with small kiddos and I’ll confess M&M’s were involved.

If you’ve got a large family and been unsure or nervous about the potential disaster of documentary family photos I hope the Adkins and the many others like them will encourage you. Don’t miss your moments. My calendar fills up quick, so if you’re interested, drop me a note, and let’s talk. You bring the family – I’ll bring the M&M’s.

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