An Evening with the Littles

I love working with the Little family. I have had the incredible joy and privilege of working with this sweet family for more than 7 years as the Little’s faithfully make it a point to include photography in their regular life. In the beginning they asked me to photograph the birthday celebration for their son Jace each year. As the years passed I have been able to photograph more and more special moments and memories. Two years ago, they welcomed a beautiful new life into their family with the arrival of Elliotte.

Of course because of their deep appreciation for photography and the role it plays in their lives they immediately wanted her special days and moments documented as well. Most recently I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph a few special memories surrounding Elliotte’s second birthday. I’m excited to share this special session because this is documentary photography. This is capturing aspects of everyday life with a purpose. What you’ll find as you look through these images are snapshots of a family doing life together, growing together, and loving each other.

Elliotte was clearly the star of this show and she knew it. She is not afraid of the spotlight and loves playing with her older brother. Not long ago the Littles moved into their new home. As everyone knows, moving into a new place typically involves heaps and heaps of boxes. Elliotte quickly discovered the simple joys of a cardboard box and entertained herself for hours lost in her imaginary worlds. Her sweet and playful spirit is infectious and without saying a word she quickly pulled Jace into her cardboard castles (where of course she alone would wear the crown). These moments are the types of memories mom and dad will be able to treasure forever.

But this story doesn’t end there. The evening continued with Elliotte’s first ever bubble bath! She could hardly stop smiling the entire time – except for maybe when the bubbles on her hands wouldn’t break free…but dad came to the rescue and saved the day. And oh the joy when giggles gave way to outright laughing when Jace stacked the bubbles on his head. In fact prune-like fingers and tepid water were the only reason for this fun time to draw to a towel-dried close.

The next chapter in this evening held two things every kid loves: bed jumping and book reading. Once again, Elliotte brought the family together with her antics and her lighthearted leaps. As is quickly obvious if you spend any time with Elliotte, she loves her mommy. Sweet snuggles and soft kisses show just how special and strong this mommy-daughter bond truly is. But those kind of moments are what make the Little family so uniquely special. It doesn’t matter whether they are pretending in boxes, playings in baths, or peeking at books the Little family loves life together.

And so this story closes on the Little’s evening. Another moment captured and another memory saved. I know there will be many more: more special events, more birthdays, more random everyday life memories to be documented. If this type of living appeals to you; if you love family time and life with the people you love, then lifestyle photography is perfect for you. Remember, you don’t need anything special, you don’t need perfect hair, matching clothes, or a spotless location. The things that make your memories special are not found in any of these things. Your love and your relationships are what truly matter. So give me a call or send me an email. I’d love to document your story.

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