Capturing Christmas Moments

The holiday season is always a time full of potential memories and special moments. There’s something special about the sparkling colored lights, the busy holiday bustle, and the smells and sounds of Christmas. A sweet Christmas spirit fills the air and it seems everything has a little extra-special glow.

One of my favorite memories of Christmas is also one of my most recent. Just last year my son Alexander and I did a Christmas cookie photo shoot. If you were following me at the time then you may remember some of those pictures. I couldn’t help but post a few more this year. Aren’t they just amazing?

I loved this time and these pictures because it was just a fun and simple time with my son. There was flour everywhere, literally everywhere. The table, the floor, and us. I remember the initial look of panic on Alexander’s face when he saw the mess; but once he saw the approving smile on mine, he giggled and gave in fully to the moment.

It was in that moment I realized a simple truth. The mess doesn’t matter. The floor can be swept, the table wiped, the kiddo bathed. All those things are temporary. But the memory we made, that memory will last forever. Even today he remembers the terrific mess we created and the experience we shared. I can’t help but stop and soak in that moment of making Christmas cookies with my son.

That moment is now turned into a tradition for our little family. We will be making more cookies, and having more fun going crazy with the cookie cutter this year. Honestly, I have no idea how long he’ll be interested in wanting to do this. That makes each moment even more precious. And I want to capture every one of them. Snap a photo that captures that memory and keeps it forever. The littlest moments are some of life’s greatest joys.

When I work with clients this is my hope. I want more people to see these moments and capture them around the holidays. Naturally this time of year lends itself to this with the many different things to do and experience. I would love for my clients to see and savor these mini moments. Mini moments are such a great way of describing them that I’ve made it a thing. That’s right, you can book a Mini Moments session with me and I’ll help you capture those memories.

Have questions or interested in booking your own Mini Moment session? It’s not too late for this holiday season’s memories to be captured and held forever. I know you will want the details, so here’s the lowdown: Mini Moments are a short 30 minute photo session where I’ll capture a specific memory in a stunning 10 image gallery. And the best part is these Mini Moments are only $75. Don’t hesitate, book yours today!

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