Christian Couple

This sweet couple heard about me from an existing long-time client. Jenny reached out because she wanted something to capture the love she and Roger shared for one another. They both recognize how the business of life can steal time away from their personal relationship. For the two of them they know that even with two small kids and the pressures of grown-up life they still want to have time to be silly, take walks by the creek, or simply lay in the grass and stare at the clouds.

I loved everything about Jenny and Roger. We spoke on the phone beforehand so I knew exactly what to expect when I arrived. Jenny was prepared for a documentary photography session and had picked her favorite, hole-filled t-shirt while Roger had his t-shirt, hat and boots already ready to go. This was me, capturing their life and their love – raw and unfiltered.

When I arrived we jumped right into life. Cooking in the kitchen, swinging on the porch swing, and then ending with the quiet peaceful evening bath. I had the wonderful privilege to observe and capture each of these precious moments. It’s easy to see why Jenny and Roger are such a sweet couple-they adore one another and the simplest touch conveys a flood of love.

Sometimes people are unsure what all is involved in a lifestyle session, and certainly the nerves of capturing raw life can seem a bit overwhelming, but in a short hour and a half those feelings slip away. The carefree moments are filled with laughter, and with love. Lifestyle photography is meaningful, motivating, and moving. These are the captured memories which define a life. These are not standard portraits. These are the poignant details of a daily life ready to be shared for generations.

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