Christian Family

Some families I just know I’m going to enjoy working with from the very first phone call or email. The Christian family is the type of family you fall in love with immediately. It was almost a year ago I first worked with Jenny and Roger. They had previously wanted me to capture their love as a couple. They knew my documentary style and welcomed the opportunity to boldly demonstrate and display their love.

It didn’t matter whether it was a bubble bath together, snuggling on the bed, or cooking in the kitchen together. (well truthfully – Jenny cooking, and Roger sneaking samples and kisses from behind). They simply wanted their love displayed.

I was thrilled to get the call that they were ready for their next documentary session. This time they wanted their lives captured on their family property. The Christian clan all live on the same beautiful countryside, their corner of heaven, lake included. In particular they had never had extended family photos done together and Jenny wanted to have some pictures with her kiddos present.

This is why I do lifestyle photography. I loved visiting their family property because every step, every tree, every open field personalized their session. It makes my heart sing to know that I am capturing everything in their photos. I’m not taking a picture, I’m not snapping a portrait, I’m capturing life. I’m documenting a memory. And every detail is important. The porch they sit on holds as much personal meaning as the smile on their faces.

I hope you enjoy looking at these memories as much I did capturing them. And if you’re ready to capture your life, the everyday memories, let me know – I can’t wait to hear from you!

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