Erica Michelle Photographer Hacks #1

One of those things I’m planning to do much more of in this coming year is to share some of the tips which have helped me as I’ve grown in my knowledge and experience. I know some of these tips will be simple and easy and other may even be revolutionary to you. My goal and hope is that everyone will be useful to someone.

So whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginning photographer (or maybe even just a parent looking to capture a few moments of your own) I hope these tips will help you and give you some direction or some hints about how to be a better photographer.

Pro Tip: Pez Dispensers

This tip is for those shooting sessions with children. Before you groan and throw up your hands in despair I want you to trust me. Photographing kids is actually not terrible and in fact one of my personal favorite subjects. Here’s your Erica Michelle Photo Tip for this post: The Almighty Pez Dispenser. Never leave home without them.

Why It Matters

Before you toss away this tip as not very helpful let me tell you why the Pez is the best go to children’s motivator (some might consider it a bribe even?). When you’re shooting kids you need something that interests them, captures their attention and doesn’t make a mess. Everyone knows kids love candy so that’s an easy first step. Next, as I’m sure you are aware Pez dispensers come in a million different characters and cartoons. These classic and modern figures are sure to draw the attention of kids at any age (even some adults I’d say). And lastly you can’t give them chocolate or suckers. Why? I’m glad you asked: chocolate will leave a terrible mess, guaranteed, every time. If the purpose of your shoot is not a chocolate covered child then steer clear of all things cocoa-based. Suckers are just as bad; they don’t go away quickly and before you can say “sweet sucker sticks” everything within a 5 mile radius is covered in a layer of sugary stickiness. That’s gonna be a no.

What it does.

A Pez dispenser provides quick and easy sugar dosages in the most ideal size and shape while maximizing the interest of the child at the same time. I mean c’mon which of us hasn’t obsessively played with a Pez dispenser at some point in our lives. There’s nothing as satisfying as pulling back the head of some cartoon character and watching a sugary tablet of tastiness protrude outwards ready for your tongue’s delight. The Pez dispenser is sure to surprise and delight children and let you capture that ever elusive smile from even the toughest toddler.

Where to start.

I know you’re wondering how to start, but with this tip, that’s an easy one. Find your local candy store. Buy a handful of Pez dispensers. Win at life. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

And definitely keep an eye on my blog as I continue to share other photographer hacks to make your life as a professional photographer easier. And of course, if you have ideas or suggestions feel free to share them with me. I’m always looking for ways to improve my skills as a lifestyle photographer.

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