Instagram Re-Launch

Based on the incredible response I’ve received I know that many of you have noticed the exciting new things I’ve been doing with my photography company rebranding. I am excited to stand proudly behind the timeless, classic Erica Michelle brand. For all of you who have commented, liked, or shared my new Facebook page and brand I greatly appreciate your support. It means the world to me to know I have so many outstanding and devoted friends.

As I continue to go through the process of rolling out my new name I am looking to all you wonderful friends to help me with the next step. I am relaunching my Instagram account as well. I want to focus on the best of Erica Michelle photography, create some beautiful stories, and share some poignant moments with the world. And I need your help. Have you experienced a session with me? Perfect. I need you. Let me explain.

Erica Michelle is a lifestyle photography company focused on capturing memories and moments. A smile, a hug, a passionate kiss. If you’ve been able to enjoy one of those or some other captivating moment with me I want to see it. I want to revisit it. I want to share it. You see, my brand is not about me…it’s about you – your moments, your life, your love. I want to feature you, your family, and your friends. So post your favorite Erica Michelle moments to Instagram and tag me! My Instagram handle is easy to remember: @EricaMichellePhoto

I can’t express how much I appreciate your help. Not only does this share some of the moments I love most about what I do but this will be tremendously helpful to me as I spread the word about my new company name and brand. So thank you in advance for your help. Thank you for taking a moment and sharing your favorites with me. I can’t wait to relive them with you.

Oh, and if you don’t have Instagram don’t fret, drop me an email, send me a Facebook message, and I’ll share your photos for you!

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