A Little Bit About Me & My Passion

Good morning loves! I’ve shared a little about me in different areas of my website but thought it would be nice to do a little blog post to share with those who don’t know much about the woman behind the camera…

I’m a “glass is half full” kind of girl. Life is messy and I know it’s up to me to view it in the right way. It can be easy to drown in darkness so I stay close to the light.

I love photojournalism. Documenting life through photography. I specialize in documentary photography, lifestyle photos, family photography and more. Infant and newborn photography, wedding photography, or simply family life photography, I’m passionate about documenting family’s lives because (to put it bluntly) you never know how long you’ll have someone…. I lost my Dad and sister when I was ten. Car accident, Thanksgiving morning. A drunk driver hit them. I had ten years with my dad and two years with my sister. I can close my eyes and still remember riding in the front seat of his truck to get a push-up Popsicle from our favorite convenient store. The windows would be down, my long blonde hair whipping in the wind and he would reach over and tickle me as he sang along to the song on the radio. (At jamming loud volumes, of course.) I would give anything to have one of those moments framed on my wall. Anna loved to jump on the trampoline in our backyard. It seemed like she would constantly hold those chubby 2yr old hands up to me and ask to go “jump”. Again, I’d give anything to have a photo on my wall of her holding my hands while we jumped together. Giggling and seeing her wispy brown hair in her face. I believe photos are memories captured.

Even if we don’t have the mindset of “not knowing how long someone will will be with us” (bc that can be a little overwhelming to always think about) think about moments. Moments are gone as quickly as they come. It’s up to us to slowdown and see sweet moments in our lives that make us who we are. That make our stories, ours. Whether the moments are sweet and precious or stressful and hard they’re still moments. Find the beauty in them and cherish them. The smallest details of life can be some of our greatest joys. Have them documented.


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