Model Call: Take 1

Ok this one’s a special post. Every once in a while I decide it’s time to expand or improve my portfolio in a certain area and when that time comes I reach out to my people and offer a very special opportunity. And as you guessed, now is one of those times. I am issuing a call for characters! That’s right, characters wanted. Browse the various categories below and let me know if you see one that fits your family! Keep reading after the list for more information and the details.

Newborn (no older than 7 days)
I’m looking to photograph some brand new little lives and I need your help. Are you expecting a new bundle of joy in your life? Or maybe you know someone that’s about to pop? Let me know about them and if it works out I’d love to provide them or you with an amazing photo session.

Early morning routine with a family/kids
Are you one of those families that get up early and have a set routine or is your routine a little crazy and chaotic? Now, I’m not saying you have to be early birds; and honestly, smiles can be optional. I’m looking for real life as it unfolds in your world. If this describes you; I want to hear from you.

Bedtime routine with kids
If you’ve got a fun or cute bedtime routine with your kiddos I want to see it, and document it. I know you’re probably thinking but I don’t do anything special and this time usually involves a meltdown (or two). That is okay. I want to document life; as it really happens.

Kids activity/class (sport, art, dance)
These days the life of a parent can feel like nothing more than a shuttle service from one activity to another. But nothing fills the hearts of a proud parent with more joy than watching their kid do something amazing. I’m looking to capture that joy and share that moment with the world.

Mom and Dad time after kids are in bed.
Whew. You know that moment. The slightly exhausted one when you and your significant other sink slowly onto the couch and gaze wearily into each other’s eyes. One of you may even whisper, “we did it.” I want to capture that moment and those fun and refreshing moments to follow that are just for the two of you.

Exercise (running outside or going to the gym)
Ok, I know this moment may be a bit intimidating for some, and I know there will more than likely be less of you who experience this moment…but for those of you who hit the gym, or run/cycle/exercise outside, I want to document that experience. I promise to make you look great so don’t worry about the sweat or the slightly red face.

I know you’re wondering what the catch is. Trust me, there’s no catch at all. I have an exciting new project I’m preparing to share and I am willing to exchange my time and talent for a few minutes with your family.

Ok, so I know you’re interested here’s what I’m offering in detail. Let me photograph your special moment and I’ll give you a full gallery completely free. That’s right, no cost. No strings attached. You’re helping me out tremendously and the least I can do is provide you with a few of the beautiful moments we’ll capture together.

Now of course you know that something this awesome doesn’t happen every day. If you know me then you know these special posts are few and far between. There is of course only so many hours in my day and so much availability in my crazy schedule for this. So be quick and reach out fast. I guarantee you this will end fast. This is your opportunity to get the deal of a lifetime and some incredible, joy-filled memories captured forever. Send me an email or give me a call, (336) 525-6954, we’ll get your time booked and you’ll be a part of a very special upcoming series I’m starting here on Erica Michelle.

Oh, and of course, thank you for reading and sharing with your friends!

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