Photojournalism + Erica Michelle

If you’re already familiar with the concept of photojournalism then you probably have a preconceived idea of what that concept means and represents. You’ll probably immediately assume I am referring to some newspaper or press outlet. The truth is much deeper. The idea and concept behind photojournalism is quite simple:

Photojournalism: Employing images in order to tell a story.

With this definition we are not limited to news and press and boring, stuffy, business items. Photojournalism takes you on a fantastic journey into a story, immersing you in a moment through deep, rich, overwhelming pictures.

At Captured Love, I do photojournalism for families, children, friends, and more. I use my talents and skills to capture moments, and to capture love. I do this through documentary photography. I tell stories with pictures. I capture moments in a snapshot. I am an artist and a photographer.

If you’re interested in documenting a memory, capturing a moment, and remembering some of life’s greatest joys; then allow me to be your photojournalist. Let me be your documentary photographer and experience the incredible feeling of reliving that wonderful memory time and time again.

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