During a couple’s session my goal is to document your love and your life with the person that has stolen your heart.

Your session can be held at whatever location you think best fits your personalities and story.

In your home to document your love displayed during your normal daily routine. What is your favorite part of the day? Is it first thing in the morning? Brewing coffee, fixing breakfast in your pjs and getting ready for the day? Or is it late in the evening after the day has reached it’s end? Sipping a glass of wine, playing board games, a relaxing bubble bath, dancing and being silly, snuggles on the couch? What is it about everyday life that makes you love it? What little details bring you the comfort of being “home” with your soulmate?

Do you have a favorite place you like to go? Someplace where you love the atmosphere or it may be a place that is a part of your story? Or maybe someplace new you’ve been dying to visit? Cozy coffee shop, bakery, wine bar, bowling alley, skate rink (brave souls?), indoor rock climbing (even braver?)? Pick a place. Any place and let’s go!

Feel like getting dressed up and venturing to a location that vibes with your style? Are you an urban lover? (Guilty. Leather jacket, tulle skirt and high heels. Downtown streets full of character. Need I say more?)  Or do earth tones and plaid take up a majority of your wardrobe? Let’s explore a forest with tall pine trees, roam through a sunny grassy field or hang out by a waters edge.

What all your session includes:  Session planning to create a unique, fun and personalized  collection of memories to capture.  A private online gallery with your 35-45 edited images to instantly download. The online gallery is a great way to share your images with your close family & friends as soon as your set is done.

Are you ready to document your love?  Let’s start planning your session!