During a Documentary/Portrait Session we will shoot in a place that is “normal life” for you (at your home, a close relative’s, a favorite store/restaurant, the place where a favorite activity/sport is played) then a portion of the session will also be capturing slightly posed portraits.

Ask yourself this important question:  “What is happening in life right now that will only be happening for a short amount of time?”

Does your little one …like to be rocked to sleep while nursing? Is crawling the current form of movement? Is bath time a crazy fun time with bubbles, everywhere!? Does doing house chores include a little one peaking over the edge of the wash machine or diving into mounds of laundry you’re folding? When your husband is doing yard work does he have a little one helping wash the car, ride along on the mower, plant veggies in the garden? What does your little one or spouse do that melts your heart and you never want to forget how that certain moment feels? Do you sit and watch your husband chase your children around and listen to giggles and squeals of excitement?
When your child first wakes up ,do they like to sit quietly on the couch while sucking a thumb or snuggling a favorite “lovie” ? Is there a place you like to go to and get a special treat or to have fun? Or a place that you love the environment? A coffee shop? Bakery? Ice cream or snow cone place? Park? Pool or Spray Park?

Our lives and people in them are constantly changing. Our children go from crawling and snuggling in our arms to graduating high school. “Fun entertainment” can be playing peek a boo while making the bed or exploring a lake shore with a stick in hand.

We live in a house for a season. We spend summer days at the ball fields cheering on our all stars.
Life changes. Moments change and can be forgotten.

Don’t let them be forgotten, let them be documented.