Rainbow Family Follow-up

This was another photo session with my beautiful rainbow family. What a journey they have been on as they raise little JM. I can’t believe he’s already 5 months old. If you haven’t seen the previous posts you’ll have to read back through my blog and discover how amazing this family is.

As you’ll notice right away JM has a head full of hair. Hmm, perhaps a little Beethoven in the making? It remains to be seen what talents and skills this little blessing will possess. His mom and dad have such a sweet personality and every time I showed the back of the camera they melted.

One of the reasons I love working with them is they see the beauty of their life right now. Even when circumstances are hard and things aren’t quite as perfect as they would prefer, they see the beauty in the moment. They understand the value and importance of documentary photography and capturing life. They understand my deep calling as a photojournalist and my love for capturing their memories.

This particular shoot they asked me to document his first Christmas. Personally, I was looking forward to their session due to their story, and the similarities I found with my own. Having the privilege of documenting their story and spending time with JM and his cute little personality was a wonderful blessing to me. I loved holding him and seeing him grow. And I cannot wait for our next session together.

As I edited and processed the images afterwards I couldn’t help but smile at the precious little face and all it represents. The wonder found in a child’s eyes. And the character captured in his moments. And my goodness, just look at that hair!

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