I’ll never forget the excitement that surrounded this particular engagement session. One of my fellow photographers messaged me to ask if I would be interested in shooting his brother’s proposal. He knew I was in the area but more importantly, he trusted me to capture the moment. There’s nothing more rewarding then to be recognized by another photographer. He knew my style, my skills and wanted me to be the one to capture his brother’s special moment.

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But that’s not the only thing that excited me. New love and new life also excite me. This is a new chapter for Danny and Megan. They found their sweet soulmate. I enjoyed the suspense leading up to the big day because of how giddy Danny was getting as the day grew closer. I loved being a part and sharing in all that it takes to plan a proposal and appreciated how nerve-wracking it was for him. Of course it was completely understandable; Danny was making something special and something that would be remembered forever. Let’s not forget – you only get one shot.

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And I know every realtor in the world says the most important thing is “Location, location, location.” But this principle applies to more than just buying a home. When planning your perfect proposal you have to also consider location. Danny did a great job. He picked Castle Hill in Newport, RI. A quaint, secluded, not super busy spot. The beauty of this rocky stretch was not lost on me. Different, unique. And I liked the cuteness of a 30-foot lighthouse. It added to the fun character and uniqueness of the location. But let’s talk more about the photography for a second. Check out the colors. The tones. Oh, I love the tones of the day (overcast, emerald shades in the rocks).

Couples Photography Session

Oh, and I realize I have left out a few more details. This beautiful location was picked by Danny sight-unseen. That’s right, he was in Atlanta, the trip to this location was part of the surprise for Megan. This definitely had its challenges, little things like checking the weather constantly to watch for rain clouds,and let me tell you, 100% chance of rain the day before and day after. Tensions were definitely high. The text messages flew back and forth with radar screenshots. I loved the chance to be the feet on the ground. As a traveling photographer I scouted everything ahead of time. One of the hidden treasures of my work is that I find great little towns. And I fell in love with the little town of Newport.

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One thing we’ve begun doing at Erica Michelle is including live video from our sessions. This is particularly awesome for our proposal session. As intimate as a proposal can be, all the family could be there watching. And once the camera was revealed they could join in the moment. They could share their comments and share in the tears of joy.

I take my work very seriously. Whether it’s making multiple trips on my own time to ensure the venue is perfect, or sending text after text to make sure everyone is confident and ready I do everything I can to make the session go smoothly. I love working with couples like Danny and Megan.

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“Can’t forget Erica Michelle for being amazing and capturing this special moment, thank you for all you did!” – Danny Sorto

Thinking about popping the question yourself? Got a big day coming up? Maybe you’re interested in doing something in a fun, exotic, or just plain different location; whatever you might be thinking about, send me an email. Let’s talk and figure out a way to tell your story.