Whitehead Family

This precious family lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and they were excited to experience something new and different. After talking with them I was able to listen and hear the things they do together as a family. Everything from playing board games to going for walks in their neighborhood.

The Whiteheads were extremely easy to photograph. As apprehensive as they might have been doing lifestyle photography for the first time they jumped right into being themselves as if I wasn’t even there. Whenever I have the opportunity to photograph a family like the Whiteheads I am struck with how much family members love one another. the level of acceptance and easy-going-nature of the relationships. Here people aren’t afraid to be themselves, to let their guard down, to have a good time. The best part is how the rest of the family loves them just the same. Because in the best families everyone is free to be themselves.

In the case of the Whiteheads even the dog is part of the family. Gizmo was clearly in his element in front of the camera and with his family. He allowed himself to be picked up, carried around, and posed in a million different ways.

Initially the Whiteheads were prepared for their standard portrait photograph. They were ready with their traditional classic touches but within moments of my arrival they let themselves loosen up. And even though this documentary photography was very different from their normal portrait photography they quickly settled into their routines and daily life.

And the beautiful results are evident. A deep and lasting love is easily seen in these captured family moments. Laughter fills the room as competitive spirits vie for dominance during family game night. Shoulder-shaking laughs, halfway hugs, and smooshed smiles filled their photographs as they lost track of time. Lifestyle photography might not have been what they were used to, but they quickly discovered the rich, rewarding memories captured in daily life.

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