Why Documentary Photography

Documentary photographers are focused on chronicling specific events as well as the details of everyday life. The best part about this photojournalistic approach to photography is the emphasis on the details. Every moment matters. Every memory matters. I am a documentary photographer. I capture the details of everyday life. I believe my talents and skills as a family photographer give me the unique ability to capture a memory and preserve a feeling in a photograph.

Documentary photography requires a very special type of skill. You need someone focused on the smallest seemingly insignificant aspects of a moment. This is specifically the reason why I chose my business tagline: “Because life’s littlest moments can be your greatest joys.”

When you hire Captured Love to document your children’s photos you’re doing more than just finding a family photographer. You’re starting a relationship. I connect with each family and business I choose to work with. I pour myself into my work because documenting life, capturing memories, is much more than just being an incredible photographer. My passion is far greater. My desire to capture love on display motivates me throughout the days leading up to the photo shoot and compels me to focus on the details during your photography session.

If you agree in the power of a photograph to capture and hold a moment, a memory, a love on display; then why not give me a call, drop me an email and let’s get to know one another. I give you my word, you’ll never look at a photograph the same again.


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